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[tweetmeme] This is Oscar.  He is a “robot” at the Dutchess County Fair.
He moves slowly, but is great to watch for a while.
I don’t know his schedule, but when I saw him he was in the horticulture building.
If you look closely you can see he is wired for power 🙂

While I was watching he waved me over to shake my head.
Next he borrowed my sunglasses and struck a pose.
He’s a great attraction.

Have you visited the fair this year?
What’s your favorite attraction?

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You Are Massachusetts

You are smart, serious, and quite traditional. You don’t have a lot of time for junk in your life.

It’s likely that you’re well-educated and hard-working. You live a very goal oriented life.

You are probably socially liberal, but personally quite conservative. You would never be described as wild.

But you’re more diverse than people give you credit for. You’re equally comfortable at a business meeting and at a rowdy sports game!

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Baking Soda For What?

[tweetmeme] Last month I read an article about baking soda for camping in the Hints From Heloise column.

If you are planning a summer camping trip, there’s one essential item you should add to your checklist:  It’s my favorite – baking soda.  It will be useful for many things:

  • Freshen sleeping bags, tents, hiking boots or back-packed clothing by sprinkling with baking soda.  Do this the night before leaving and then take the items outside and give them a good shake or two to remove all the baking soda.
  • You can extinguish most campfires by pouring baking soda on them.  Before leaving the campsite, you must be sure to double-check that the fire is completely out.
  • Out of deodorant or forgot to pack it?  Dust your underarms with baking soda, and you’re ready for the day.
  • No toothpaste?  mix a little baking soda with water and put it on your toothbrush.
  • Burned dinner in a camping pot?  Use baking soda to get it sparkling clean without a lot of scrubbing.  Sprinkle in enough baking soda to cover the bottom of the pan, along with enough water to moisten.  Let it sit, and then scrub the gunk out.

What tricks do you know that use baking soda while camping or around your house?
I know that placing baking soda in your refrigerator will help remove odors…  what else have you got?

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[tweetmeme] About a month ago Michael and I were out driving around and noticed a car with two rubber strips hanging down off its bumper that just barely grazed the road.  I asked him what they were and if they had a purpose.  He wasn’t sure either, but remembered seeing them in Virginia when he lived there.

I looked it up online.  From the pages I’ve read it seems they’re called “Grounding Straps.”  The point of them is to ground the car so static electricity can’t build up.  They supposedly help prevent car sickness as well.   Additionally they were popular so toll takers weren’t shocked then they reached out to cars to collect tolls.  They were widely available in the 60’s & 70’s and are making a comeback.

Do any of you know more about these?

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I’m trying out HootSuite – Let’s see where this posts….

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I got an email today.  A section of it is pasted below.
Why do people who make blatant errors like this get the jobs and
yet I sit here unemployed?
This is beyond frustrating!

Have you ever made an error like this at work?
(That most likely thousands of people saw….)
Did you get into trouble?

And while you’re commenting…
Do you know of anyone hiring in Upstate NY?

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My Choices

I went online tonight to renew my registration on my truck.
These were the choices I was presented….

Would you pay another $45 to have the new ugly yellow plate?

I think they’re hideous!
I’m thrilled I can keep my current plates.

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