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[tweetmeme] This is Oscar.¬† He is a “robot” at the Dutchess County Fair.
He moves slowly, but is great to watch for a while.
I don’t know his schedule, but when I saw him he was in the horticulture building.
If you look closely you can see he is wired for power ūüôā

While I was watching he waved me over to shake my head.
Next he borrowed my sunglasses and struck a pose.
He’s a great attraction.

Have you visited the fair this year?
What’s your favorite attraction?

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[tweetmeme] We went down to the 165th annual Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, NY.

I’ve been going to the fair my entire life and I’ve only missed 1 year. ¬† (my best friend got married that weekend – she was from Dutchess County, she should have known better!!¬† LOL!!)¬† There are certain things I look forward to every year.¬† One of the major food vendors that I love were MIA this year, but my other favorite thing is the baby animals.¬† These babies certainly didn’t disappoint!!¬† There are 13 babies in the first video!!

What are your favorite things to do at fairs?

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Yesterday Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky in Rhinebeck NY.¬† But did you know there were other things going on in the area?¬† For instance the church I grew up in (that my parents still faithfully attend) had their annual picnic.¬† My Dad was the main entertainment….

After the picnic Michael and I went over to my Mom & Dad’s house to talk gardening for a while.¬† We also took down Michael & Angela’s photo gallery which was hanging at Barista’s in the Hudson Valley Mall.¬† Last but not least, we stopped for a slice of the best pizza on earth before we left to head back home.

What did you do this weekend?

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[tweetmeme] This weekend in Parade there was an article that mentioned the following:

Scientists believe that lightning-bug numbers are declining worldwide.¬† As part of the volunteer Firefly Watch of Boston’s Museum of Science, you can assist researchers by collecting data.¬† Just spend 10 minutes a week to count evening activity in a yard or field.¬† Sign up at mos.org/fireflywatch.

This makes me sad.¬† I remember when I was a little girl going out to catch fireflies.¬† I grew up in the country so they were abundant.¬† I used to catch them in empty tomato sauce jars – (after I’d carefully poked holes in the lid of course.)¬† I’d like to think that future generations would have the opportunity to catch their lucky fireflies as well, but with less to catch it looks like many will miss out.¬†

Did you catch fireflies as a child?
What kind of emotions do you feel when you think back to doing it?

Did you think it was lucky to catch one?

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Image from: http://diggingri.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/many-happy-returns/

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My Delicious Pizza!

We’ve already talked about the best ice cream in the world. ¬†Now we’re going to talk about the best pizza. ¬†Villiage Pizza III is in Red Hook, NY. ¬†Like Holy Cow, ¬†it is a local landmark.

It was night time and dark ūüė¶

Just like Holy Cow I know many people who have moved out of Red Hook who make sure they stop by Village Pizza for a visit whenever they’re in town.

I’ve spoken to many people about what I consider to be the “best pizza.” ¬†Many people think it’s all about what you grew up on. ¬†If you grew up eating thin crust – that’s what you like. ¬†If you grew up on deep dish – you think that’s the best. ¬†The pizza here is thin crust with just the right amount of sauce so it doesn’t get soggy. ¬†Perfection if you ask me! ¬†I spent so much time there growing up that I can hear the familiar squeak and slam of the front door in the place!

I moved to Pittsburgh for a couple years.  I brought a Village Pizza pie back with me so they could taste what real pizza was supposed to taste like.  Little Caesars is NOT real pizza!  Neither is Pizza Hut!!

Even Isabella understands good pizza!

I grew up on Village Pizza and I love it! ¬†Order me up a slice with cold cheese (or mushrooms – or both) and I’m in heaven! ¬†(So is Miss Isabella!)

One bite just wasn't enough!

Where do you get your favorite pizza from??  What makes it the best?

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Many of you know that my FAVORITE meal of all time is duck.

6.75 lbs. of deliciousness....

Yesterday was my 4 year anniversary with Michael.

Together for 4 years!!

We started a tradition the year we met.¬† For Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, and my birthday he makes me a duck dinner.

Michael hard at work cleaning up the bird....

We started doing this because the service in restaurants is usually pretty horrible on Valentine’s Day, and there aren’t too many restaurants I can go to and get good duck around here.

Notice there is water in the bottom of the pan.

I remember the first time Michael made us a duck.  I think it took 3 days to get all the smoke out of the house!  If you ever attempt to make a duck make sure you put water into the bottom of the pan.  Duck is a very fatty meat and the grease and fat smoke when it burns in the pan.  The water prevents this.

Flambe the plums!

Through the years Michael has made different sauces for with the duck.¬† Cherry, plum, blackberry….¬† He did the plum again because we both really liked it.¬† The tricky thing is that the plum recipe has him flambe the plums!¬† All I can picture is that Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode where Will says “I can flambe” and he sets the kitchen on fire!¬† (You can see it HERE)¬† Don’t worry, we have a fire extinguisher handy in our kitchen just-in-case….¬† Luckily we’ve never needed it.

The duck is out of the oven ~ Is that like the cat's out of the bag?

The duckling came out so so yummy!¬† The thing that’s the worst about a duck dinner is that you smell it cooking for a few hours, and it’s over so quickly.¬† Kind of like Thanksgiving dinner….

The end result

We didn’t care about making things fancy, the duck was getting cold and we just wanted to dig in!!!!

Bella had her own special dinner too!

Even Bella had a bowl with duck and mashed potatoes.  Potatoes stuck to the roof of a doggies mouth is right up there with peanut butter!!  She loved it!

This is what I thought of dinner

All in all it was a very very yummy dinner.
A big thank you to my Michael for taking the time to make me my favorite dinner of all time!!

Bella & I before we started cleaning up....

Do you have any special traditions with your other half?
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