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[tweetmeme]About 2 weeks ago I put up a poll about your local library use.
Here are the results.

Do you use your local library?
67% Yes
33% No

If they answered yes, they were asked to complete the following questions.

How many books do you have checked out usually?
80% 1-3    20% 5-10

What types of books do you usually check out?
50% Fiction  50% Non-Fiction

What genre of books do you read?
Romance 22.22%
Thriller 22.22%
Humor 22.22%
Sci-Fi 11.11%
Self Help 11.11%
Other 11.11%

Do you find your own books, or request them online and have them waiting for you?
80% find their books on their own
20% request them and have them waiting

I’m surprised at the large percentage that don’t use the library.  Honestly, how many people go back and re-read books?  I understand buying reference books, but book that are read for pleasure – I can probably think of less than 5 books I’ve re-read in my life.

Do you re-read books?
If so, what are some that you’re gone back to read again?

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Remind all of your family & friends that it is motorcycle season,
and taking a few extra seconds to take a second look will save lives of our loved ones.
Give motorcycle riders their fair share of the roadway.
We are everywhere….It could be ME or someone I care about!!

Thank you!

Today it WAS someone I care about.
Look once, look twice, and ya know what? Look again!!
The person who hit him did NOT look, it’s quite obvious they didn’t.
My friend is paying the price for their negligence.

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