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Brianna is my friend Danielle’s 12 year old daughter.  She has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  She’s been fighting for her life every day for the last year and has another 2 years of chemotherapy ahead of her.

So – I know many of my readers and LURKERS live in the Albany vicinity.  Get off your butts and come out and have a good time for a great cause at Envy Lounge.   There will be friends, food, music, raffles, great photos from a local photographer and a step team stepping for Brianna!!  It’s $10 at the door and all the proceeds go directly to the Howard family.  Check out the event page on Facebook.  And if you want to buy Chase for a Cure T-shirts you can get them here.

Brianna at the Bowling with Bieber event.

I hope to see you all there!!

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Delurker Day 2010

Today is officially Delurker Day!!

What is Delurker Day?
Let’s start out by defining a lurker.
Someone who lurks in this case is basically someone who visits internet discussion forums, blogs, chat rooms, newsgroups, etc who doesn’t contribute.
So today is the official day to call all the lurkers out and to ask you to come out and play.

Say “Hello,”  tell me what your favorite website/song/movie/color is.
Tell me what you like to read about.
Tell me if you’re on Twitter (and if so give me your link)
We don’t bite, we just nibble a little bit.

Thank you to my friend Rude Cactus for making me aware of this online tradition.
I believe his friend Greeblemonkey was also involved as well.

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