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Write a letter or type it? You choose....

There are so many things out there now to simplify our lives.  Remember when if we wanted to keep in touch with an old friend we had to find stationary, and a pen, write the letter, and then find an envelope and (deep breath) stamps?  What a pain in the ass it was.  Now it’s a real special treat to get a hand written letter.  I have one friend that I still get them from on occasion.  Email has made our lives so much easier.  Of course now we have the stress of trying to keep in touch with everyone – or is that just me?  Ha ha!

Here are some ideas that help make my life a little bit easier.  You might already do some of these things, but I figured I’d share….

Pay bills online – 5 years ago I probably wouldn’t have suggested this for fraud reasons, and there are still hacking problems, but it’s rare now.  I pay almost all of my bills online now.  It makes my life so much easier and saves me a bunch of stamps and I don’t have to lick envelopes.  (I HATE licking envelopes!!)

Reserve your library books online – this might be the laziest thing I do.  I go online and pick out books that I like from all over the place, have them all shipped to my local library and I just go pick them up.  No more spending hours in the stacks trying to juggle all the books I want to check out.  Just go to the counter and there they are 🙂

Map out your routes – In the summer I like to check out yard sales.  It’s entertainment for me.  I’m crafty so it gives me some supplies cheaper than I’d pay in the stores.  Plus I HATE buying books full price.  One thing that makes it so much easier is mapping out my route.  I put the addresses into a mapping program like Rand McNally or Mapquest and put them in the most logical geographical order.  This way I’m faster and more efficient and I don’t waste as much gas.

Trained my dog to be an indoor dog – This one isn’t logical for everyone, but if you have a small dog, it’s really not that hard to train them to be an indoor dog.  No rushing home to “let the dog out” or anything like that.  Isabella learned from the first day that she was with us that the potty pad was her place to go.  This makes my life so much easier.  Especially in the winter months.

Keep my ideas organized – As far as blogging goes, it’s not always easy to come up with ideas for what to blog about.  So I started keeping a blog notebook.  Whenever I come up with an idea I put it in the notebook and when I need ideas there it is.  In fact I got the idea for this blog from the book Nobody Cares What You Had For Lunch by Margaret Mason.  I got all kinds of ideas from that book and they’re all in my trusty notebook.   I also started keeping a notepad on my nightstand.  I come up with great ideas while I’m trying to sleep.  Sleep therapists suggest doing this because if you write it down sometimes you’ll stop thinking about it because you wrote it down to deal with in the morning and it frees your mind to go to sleep.  (Though that theory doesn’t seem to work too well for me lately….)

Hopefully there’s something here that you haven’t thought of yourself yet and it will help you out.

What time savers do you use throughout your day?

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That was easy....

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