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I was tagged by Cute~Ella is Bold here and Cassie here to do this blog.
I have to post 10 facts about myself and then tag 6 other bloggers.  So here we go.

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10 Random Facts about me

1. I took Irish Step Dancing lessons as a child.  I was pretty good too! (and I’m not one drop Irish, I just fake it REALLY well)

2. I put mushrooms in 75% of the things I cook.

I've been to 10 countries - This map says 9 because it counts Vatican City as "Italy" but it has it's own government so....

3. I’ve been to 10 countries.  USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Spain, France, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, and Austria.
4. I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews.

5. I once wrote a 60 page paper about Levi Strauss for my Senior Seminar class in high school.

My FJR-1300AE and I in Montreal Canada

6. I own my own motorcycle.
7. My favorite meal is duck.
8. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.


9. I have NEVER dyed or permed my hair.  The biggest modification I’ve ever made was having it flat ironed ONCE and people didn’t recognize me!!
10. I LOVE heist movies!!!

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Thomas Kinkade's Piccadilly Circus

In 2002 on a trip to Europe I had the pleasure of visiting Piccadilly Circus in London’s West End.
In the center of Piccadilly Circus stands the Shaftesbury Monument Memorial Fountain.
It is topped by Alfred Gilbert’s winged nude statue known as The Angel of Christian Charity popularly known as Eros after the mythical Greek God of love.

According to Wikipedia: The phrase “it’s like Piccadilly Circus” is commonly used in the UK to refer to a place or situation which is extremely busy with people. It has been said that a person who stays long enough at Piccadilly Circus will eventually bump into everyone they know.

I cannot find any reference of it online now, but at the time I visited I was told that if you went to Piccadilly Circus at midnight and professed your undying love to someone in the view of the statue of Eros you would be guaranteed eternal love with that person.


What do you think of the Thomas Kinkade painting?

Have you ever been to Piccadilly Circus?

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While looking for a picture I wanted to use for tomorrow’s blog I found this picture.

Piccadilly Print by Jurek Nems

I LOVE it!!  I’m thinking about finding a way to buy it for my office.

I’ll talk more about this lovely place tomorrow….

What do you think of the picture?

Have you ever been there?

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