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This picture was supposed to go in my mini profile over on today’s On The Edge Mini-Profile under the “What’s in your refrigerator right now question….

Is there a special treat that your pet will do incredible things to earn?

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Isabella - Fall 2007

I figure I’m a bit overdue writing another blog about Miss Isabella.
At the time I published her last blog The Pitter Patter of Little Paws it was the most views I had in one day.  Since then I’ve had more views on a couple other blogs, but at the time it was the best!
Of course it would be the best, it was about Isabella and she IS THE BEST!!

Isabella - Fall 2007

Isabella entered our lives and enhanced everything.  She became and still is the center of our lives.
From day one we started with our training.  We didn’t wait and let her get spoiled with poor habits.  She learned sit, stay, down, and “What do you do for a treat” fairly quickly.
Michael worked on “Roll over” with her for quite some time, but she finally figured it out.  Other ones she picked up along the way are walk and dance.
Now if I could just get her to learn how to chew with her mouth closed….

Bella in her PJs

Don’t you just love her pink bunny PJs?

Bella being playful in her PJs

She has pink bunny slippers as well.  She just doesn’t like to keep them on!

When we got her we gave her baths in the kitchen sink for quite a few months.  Eventually she graduated to the big bath tub and had her first big girl bath.
These days she is fine just taking a shower with me and doing things that way.  I was getting so wet at bath time I might as well have been in the tub with her.
One lazy night it just occurred to me that taking her in the shower might be easier and it sure as heck is!

Bella's 1st Big Girl Bath in the Big Tub

I think she is just the cutest little think when she’s soaking wet!!

Bella in her bathrobe

Until next time….

Tell us about your pets.
Are they the center of your world?

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