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While brainstorming about what to write blogs about, I wanted to find a way for my readers to get to know some of the awesome people who I know.  The best way I could come up with was an interview series.

Meet my friend Jessica.  I’ve known Jessica since we were in high school.  We lost touch after graduation, but we were able to reconnect on Facebook last year.  So without further ado – get to know Jessica.

Jessica Traver

Name: Jessica Traver

Age: 30

Location: Staatsburg, NY

Hails from: Red Hook, NY

Jessica & Gary on their wedding day ~ February 14, 2004

Relationship Status: Married

Children: Giselle 4 years old

Occupation: Stay at Home Mom

What is the most challenging part of your job? trying to keep a 4 year old from not being bored

We’ve known each other since high school.  How do you think you’ve changed since then? Well I am not the wild child I once was, becoming a mother has mellowed me

You’re a stay-at-home Mom.  How do you think this will impact your daughter? I think being home with her shows her a surplus amount of love and support and will give us a greater bond.

The Traver Family

What do you think is the biggest challenge of being a stay-at-home? Wondering if my parenting skills are up to par, and hoping that I will instill the best in my daughter. There is no one to pat you on the back, since I feel most husbands feel its not a job.

Giselle ~ October 2009

Your daughter Giselle just turned 4.  How do you feel about her growing up and going to school next year? Giselle- Its going to be hard to let her leave the nest, but since she is enrolled in pre school now, I think that will ease my pain. I feel that she is developing a great head on her shoulders, she knows whats right and wrong. I feel she will become even more independent, and I feel that will be great as I do not want her to rely on Mommy and Daddy for everything.

Do you have plans to have another baby? yes one day

What’s guaranteed to make you laugh? Well hands down my brother and my husband. They are always guaranteed to have some story about work or what has happened in their daily lives. Bad luck follows them I guess

Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital

I know you watch General Hospital.  Who is your favorite character and why? Sonny– hes rugged and tough but yet he loves his family to death

Are you on Twitter? Yes

What’s your favorite meal to cook? Stuffed Shells

Are you happy that you still live near where we grew up or do you wish you lived in a bigger city? No I am content. I think living in the country is great when you have kids.

What is your favorite vacation destination? Florida since I lived there for 2 years

What is your favorite book? The Notebook

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself: I am OCD

What other questions do you have for Jessica?
Ask away?

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Here’s the link where I read the story….

The poor little boy who was sent back to Russia

Basically what happened was a woman in Tennessee adopted a boy from Russia on September 29th last year and decided that she didn’t want to raise him any longer because he had behavior problems.  She put some cookies and a coloring pen into his knapsack and put him on a plane back to Moscow, Russia.  The boy is 7 years old.  She hired a man for $200 to meet the plane in Moscow and to take the boy to The Russian Science and Education Ministry building.

An excerpt from the article:
The letter — addressed “to whom it may concern” at the Russian Ministry of Education in Moscow — said: “After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the sake of my family, friends and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child.

“As he is a Russian national, I am returning him to your guardianship and would like the adoption dis-annulled,” the letter said.

In the letter, Hansen accused officials at the Russian orphanage where the boy lived of not telling her the truth about him. “The child is mentally unstable,” she said. “I was lied to and misled by the Russian orphanage workers and director regarding his mental stability and other issues. The orphanage employees were definitely aware of the major problems that this child has. Yet they chose to grossly misrepresent those problems, in order to get him out of their orphanage.”

Since this has happened, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov wants to put a stop to any adoptions to American families until Russia and the United States sign an international agreement.  Honestly I don’t know how signing and agreement is going to change idiots like this little boys adoptive mother.

What makes me REALLY mad is that a spokesperson at the Bedford County TN Sheriff’s Department said “that while no charges have been filed against Hansen, an investigation is under way and she has agreed to meet with law enforcement officials next week.”  That to me is unbelievable!  In my opinion this sorry excuse for a mother should be arrested for child abandonment and her biological son (yes she has another child) should be placed with a family member because obviously she’s not a good parent.

If she didn’t want the child she adopted – FINE!  But there is a right way to deal with a situation like that, and a wrong way.  She went with the wrong way if you ask me.

Have you read about this or seen it in the news?  I know someone who was faced with a situation where she felt an adopted child was a detriment to another child of hers.  But I assure you that she didn’t just dump him off at an airport with some cookies!!!

If anyone sees additional information about this story I’d love to hear about it because I have friends who CAN’T have children and CAN’T afford to adopt and then you hear about morons like this woman….

Also, there is a video you might want to watch as well….

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