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A little over a week ago when I posted my blog about Our Trip to New York City many of you clicked on the link to Bannerman Castle.  So that tells me that many of you are interested in it.  So I figured I’d do a little bit of research.

The construction of Bannerman Castle began in 1901 by Manhattan businessman Francis Bannerman VI on Pollepel Island in the Hudson River between Breakneck Ridge and Storm King Island.   The island is about 6.5 acres.  It is about 50 miles north of New York City.   It was built to store munitions.  There was an explosion which damaged the castle and it was abandoned in 1950.  New York State purchased the property and castle in 1967 and started tours in 1968.  This ceased in 1969 due to a fire which made the castle unsafe for visitors.  The island was placed off-limits to the public.

Early in December 2009 the entire southeast corner of the castle came down with about 30-40% of the front wall staircase and over half of the east wall.  Since then additional sections of the castle have collapsed due to the extremely high winds we’ve had in recent weeks.

When the southwest corner collapsed in December Senator Charles Schumer D-NY said he would ask the federal department of the interior to back the Bannerman Castle Trust’s application for funding under the Save America’s Treasures program try to help save the crumbling landmark on the Hudson River island.

The Bannerman Castle Trust is planning to begin restoration construction this spring.  If you wish to donate to the restoration project you can do so HERE.  There are many other pictures of the castle on that page as well as fundraising events that are being planned.

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