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Blog Post by: Rose A. Winters

I don’t have children, so I consider my dog my child….

In 2007 my boyfriend Michael and I were at my realtor Terri and her husband Bob’s house and met their adorable little Chi-a-poo named Molly. We spent most of the evening playing with little Molly. Up until this point Michael always used the argument that little dogs weren’t manly and the long-haired ones should have a broom handle shoved up their butts and be used as mops. Just the idea I liked little dogs surprised many because I’m originally a Doberman gal…. By the end of the night Molly had Michael wrapped around her little paw.

A couple of months later when I was getting ready to close on my house Michael fessed up that he wanted to buy me a puppy as a surprise for my housewarming gift. I’m glad he told me because a pet is a life changing, long-term commitment. He told me he’d already been speaking to a breeder and there was a litter being born that week and we could pick her out soon. Since he’d already done so much work finding her I figured I’d at least check it out.

Isabella - 2 Weeks Old

It took me all of about 10 seconds to pick her out of the 5 in her litter and to know I’d love her forever! She looked like a tiny little guinea pig! To give you an idea of the demand – the pictures were posted online and in 8 minutes Isabella’s entire litter was spoken for. As the weeks passed until we could pick her up in Buffalo, KY, the breeder posted a new picture of her every week until she was 7 weeks old.

Isabella - The Day We Met

The first time I held Isabella it was love at first sight. We spent hours at the breeder’s house getting to know her and getting her to feel comfortable with us. We flew home with her and she became our daughter.

We feed her, dress her, cuddle with her, and give her the best care that we’re able to give. We chronicle her life like most parents chronicle their children’s lives. We measured her to track her height and weight. We wrote down the date when she lost her 1st tooth, and had her 1st haircut. We taught her all kinds of commands – sit, stay, down, paw, and roll over. She’s so well-behaved! She’s our little darling 🙂

Do you have a pet that you treat like a child?

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Click some of the links in the blog to see more pictures of Miss Isabella….
All Photos by Michael T. Henry except 2 week old picture courtesy of Sunset’s Toy Breed Puppies

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Look who turned 3 today!!
She wore her princess hat proudly!

Getting Ready

Isabella Strutting Her Stuff!

Next we took her downstairs to give Isabella her gifts.

She waited patiently....

1st she was a bit nosy....

She posed with her gifts.

We gave her a stuffed monkey with a squeaker, and a 2 bags of dehydrated meat strips (chicken & duck)
You should all know that she enjoys duck from past blogs

"What do you do for a treat?"

She politely asked for some duck.

She looks so vicious!

I can’t believe my little baby is 3!
She’s legal drinking age in dog years!
Though I’d never give her alcohol….

Doing what she does best - looking adorable!!

Do you do anything special for your pet(s) on their birthday?
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Photos by Michael T. Henry Photography:  http://tcrpmg.wordpress.com

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This picture was supposed to go in my mini profile over on today’s On The Edge Mini-Profile under the “What’s in your refrigerator right now question….

Is there a special treat that your pet will do incredible things to earn?

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Photo by Michael T. Henry

Today Isabella had a visitor.  Tequila came over for the day.

Bella wasn’t quite sure what to do with another dog in the house with her….

This picture is kind of blown out from the sun, but I think it’s funny how the two of them are looking at each other!

They were so cute!  They got along better than I thought they would!!

Do your pets get along with other animals?

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The bacon's all gone!!

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Bella In A Box

This is Bella in a box.  What’s better than a cute little Chi-a-poo and Girl Scout Cookies?

How would you caption this photo?

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Isabella in the sunshine

It’s beautiful outside today.  Michael & I are planning to go out on the bike for a bit.
So when we asked Bella what she wanted to do, she went into the sunshine 🙂
She’s so smart!!

Sorry my blogs have been short and sweet lately.  Between traveling with VERY limited internet and sharing my computer with Michael it hasn’t been easy….  Hopefully he’ll get his laptop fixed soon!!!

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Taking a snooze

This is Isabella taking a snooze on the day we met.
Back then she had floppy ears.
It makes me smile, but makes me sad too.
She’s grown up now.  Her ears stand up….
She still takes many naps and cuddles with me every chance she gets, but it’s not the same as when she was a little tiny puppy….
She’s snoozing away now as I type.
I might need to wake her up to play!


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As many of you know Michael and I have a Chi-a-poo named Miss Isabella.

What is a Chi-a-poo you ask?  She is a Chihuahua/Poodle mix.  We became her forever Mommy and Daddy on September 16th, 2007.  She was born on July 25, 2007.  Her mother Whisper was a white chihuahua and her father Midget was a black poodle.  She was born in Buffalo, KY.  The weird thing was that when I went to give my final payment to the breeder she told me that she knew right where my house was because she grew up in the town next door.  Small world isn’t it?  Here are some pictures from the day we met Isabella.  (Also if you click the link to her breeder there are pictures from another one of her mother Whisper’s litters)

Isabella - Day We Met

Isabella - Day We Met

Isabella - Day We Met

Isabella - Day We Met

Isabella - Day We Met

As you can see, she was quite small.  I can’t recall what she weighed, but she was probably less than 2 pounds that day.  (Today she’s only a whopping 4.6 pounds)  I remember when I got her we didn’t tell my parents because I was quite sure they’d try to talk us out of it.  After she came to live with us we finally told them.  Of course my Father said that the novelty would wear off and then we’d be “stuck” with her.  He couldn’t have been more wrong.  It’s been almost 2 1/2 years and we are still as thrilled with her as the day we got her.  We still cuddle constantly and play with her like in the beginning.  People are impressed with how smart she is and the commands she knows.  She knows sit, stay, down, rollover, up, and dance.  We can even get her to walk upright with the proper coaxing.

Contrary to popular belief she really isn’t a very yippy dog.  People think because she’s small she’s yippy.  Small dogs are only yippy if you train them to be.  In fact she’s not very vocal at all unless a stranger arrives or we say certain things that set her off.  Lately whenever we mention “Uncle Shawn” she goes barking for the door because she thinks he’s here.  She especially loves her Uncle Shawn because he stays with her whenever we are out of town and can’t be here with her.  He takes care of her as if she were his own – hence why we also refer to him as her God-Father.  We’re very lucky to have him as our friend.  🙂

Another great thing about having a small dog is that you can train them to be indoor dogs.  Many of my readers are from the northeast so you know how frigid cold it’s been lately.  I sure as heck don’t want to go out in it and neither does Isabella.  From the day we got her we trained her to go inside on puppy pellets, newspapers and potty pads.  We have a little tray with a potty pad and it gets cleaned everyday.  She can go whenever she feels the need.  No getting up early to walk the dog, no rushing home to let the dog out, none of that!  It’s wonderful.  When we first started talking with her breeder we mentioned to her how important it was to us to indoor train her.  We asked her not to have her go outside with the other dogs.  We didn’t want her to get used to it.  So she was kept inside and used newspapers.  That’s when we knew we had a good breeder on our hands.  She answered every silly question we came up with.  I had taken care of dogs in the past, but never from puppyhood and I wanted to make sure I did everything right and didn’t have enough time to read everything to learn.  We tried to find breeders here in New York but they were impatient with us and couldn’t be bothered to answer our questions.

Isabella has become a HUGE (though small in stature) part of our family.  We’re so thrilled to have her here with us.  Even when we’re sad she brings joy to our lives.  We’d love to get to know your pets.  How have your pets impacted your lives?

More to come about Isabella – stay tuned 🙂

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