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Isabella ~ Photo courtesy of Michael T. Henry

It was a busy day for Miss Isabella.  Saturday was my Mother’s 69th birthday and her and my Father came over for dinner.  Prior to dinner Mom and I took Isabella for a walk around the block in the hot sun.  After we came back home my Mom kept throwing toy for her to fetch.  Lots of excitement for my little one!  Michael made a garlic pork roast in the rotisserie and some yummy mashed potatoes.  I made the pork mushroom gravy and the tomato/portabella/mozzarella marinated salad.  Michael made Mom a coconut birthday cake too.  It was a yummy meal 🙂

After Mom and Dad left for the evening, Isabella decided to curl up on top of a blanket on the arm of the couch.  She’s exhausted!!

Does it take a lot to wear out your pets?

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

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The Weeklies ~ Week 21

The Weekly Re-cap: This week we talked about a working dog and a tree-climbing rooster.  I told you about a website called Opposites Connect that is launching soon and a bad date I went on.  You got to meet and learn more about my friend Jessica, we talked about loaded questions, bloggers & baseball….  Lastly I told you all about a fundraiser that takes place TONIGHT called Chase For A Cure.  Be there – all the cool kids are going!!

The Weekly Read: Bobby Flay’s – Grill It!

The Weekly Movie: The Rock & Jury Duty

The Weekly Downer: Being out of work 😦

Cast of Romantically Challenged

The Weekly Sad TV Situation: Romantically Challenged was canceled 😦

The Weekly Schadenfreude: New York State Governor Patterson wanted to put New York State workers on a temporary 1 day per week un-paid furlough.  A judge put a temporary restraining order on the furloughs.  So instead Patterson may lay off 10,000+ state workers.  I bet 1 day off isn’t looking so bad now huh?  If you have a job be thankful you’re employed.

The Weekly Tea: We broke out my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker this week.  We made some Lipton White Tea with Island Mango and Peach Iced Sweet Tea and it was yummy!!

The Weekly Food: We had some leftover pork loin and smashed potatoes from last nights No Destination dinner at The Mill Tavern after the ride for dinner tonight.

The Weekly Amazing Fact: According to OMGFacts on Twitter:  The Statue of Liberty’s feet are 25 ft long, making her a US women’s shoe size 879.

Happy Birthday!

The Weekly Birthdays: David Onufer, Jim Mergenthaler, James Demontozon, Gaston Vega Vallejo, Rita Davenport, Alison Payette-Lovely, and Paul Fred.  I hope you all had a wonderful birthday!!   Leave me a comment here on the blog and tell me what you did for your birthday.

The Weekly Holy Shit Headline: A 13-year-old middle schooler named Raymond Hosier was suspended for wearing rosary beads to school.  The school says their dress code states that beads may not be worn because they’ve been known to be gang symbols.  The young man wears them as a remembrance of his older brother Joey who was killed by car back in 2005 and for his uncle who died of cancer two weeks ago.  The news story is here.  The comments on the story were VERY interesting too!

The Weekly Activity: Job hunting, blogging and networking.

The Weekly Damn It: Key Bank is now giving out an 8GB iPod Touch if you open a new account and do a few things to establish the account.  I’m bummed because I already have an account and I’m not eligible!!  Anyone want to open an account and give it to me??

The Weekly new people I’ve found on Twitter: Sonny’s BBQ (FL), Blue Martini (Tampa), Wet Seal, Funny Spoon, Nerd Approved, Saratoga Winery, Tweetup Saratoga, Hard Rock Cafe, and Mike Keane.

Brianna Chase

The Weekly Charity I’m Pimping: Chase for a Cure is TONIGHT!! Information can be found HERE.  Please come out and show your support for Brianna.

The Weekly Countdowns: Sex In The City 2 (May 27, 2010) 6 more days & The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (June 30, 2010) 40 more days.

The Weekly Hypothetical: If we were all told we needed to evacuate the United States next week and go anywhere else in the world – where would you go?  (And being stubborn and staying here to die is NOT an option)

The Weekly Not-So-Hypothetical: If you’re a wine drinker what are you favorite kinds of wine?

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I know, I know, the U is missing....

A – Age: 32

B – Bed size: King

C – Chore you hate: I HATE them all equally!!
Well maybe I don’t hate cleaning the kitchen and laundry quite as much as the rest….

D – Dog’s name: Bella

E – Essential start to your day: Cuddle time with Isabella

F – Favorite Food: Duck and just about anything with mushrooms

G – Gold or Silver: Platinum

H – Height: 5′ 7″

I – Instruments you play(ed): Saxophone

K – Kids: Bella

L- Location you love: Italy

M – Mom’s name:  Helene

N – Nicknames: Honey, Dear, Mommy, Ribs, Goddess

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None!

P – Pet Peeve: Please refer to my Gripes Blog….

Q – Quote from a movie:  To Thine Own Self Be True – Hamlet

R – Robot or Human? I would like a robot that I can program to be the perfect human housekeeper

S – Siblings: 3 older brothers

T – Time you wake up: Whenever I wake up.  Lately it’s been around 6ish, tomorrow it could be noon though.

V- Vegetable you dislike: Most beans….

W – Ways you’ve met people: Match.com, in parking lots, on lines, online, Twitter, FB, MySpace….

X – X-rays you have had: teeth, hands

Y – Yummy food you make: Old Bay Shrimp, Pork Chops, Chicken & Mushrooms

Z – Zoo favorite: Giraffes, Penguins, Polar Bears, and OTTERS!!

What are your A-Z’s?

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I’m running so late!
Sorry Folks!

I had an interview today.  Wish me luck.
Cross your finger, cross your toes, cross everything you’ve got!!

The Weekly Read: I’ve been reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold they’ve made a movie of the book that came out in theaters today.  Hopefully I’ll get around to going to see it.  (I tend to wait for the DVD more often than not)

The Weekly Music: We’ve been watching American Idol – need I say more?  95% of it is BAD with a capital B.

The Weekly Movie: I watched the movie Bride Wars.  I liked it.  It stared Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway.  It was a predictable movie about 2 best friends who end up having their weddings the same day at The Plaza Hotel.

I also watched Best Laid Plans.  It stared Reese Witherspoon and had Josh Brolin in it as well.  This movie basically asks the question “Ever feel like the world is conspiring against you?”  It kept my attention.  I probably would have enjoyed it more back in 1999 when it came out.  Reese looked sooo young!  She played her role well though.

The Weekly Worst Piece of Crap on TV: I watched some of The Bachelor the other night.  One of the women got thrown off the show for having an “inapropriate” relationship with one of the crew members on the show.  WTF?  I guess you weren’t there to find your true love after all.  She didn’t even try to deny it.  She questioned why it was anyone’s business on the show though.  LOL!!

The Weekly Schadenfreude: NYS Governor Patterson’s 15 year old son was picked up by the NYPD for being caught playing dice on the street in NYC while in the possession of a credit card that didn’t belong to him.  News story here.  Just goes to reinforce how unorganized Patterson is.  He can’t even keep track of what his child is doing.  I’ve never been a fan of his.  I keep reminding myself that he was appointed when Spitzer resigned.  He wasn’t elected to the post.

The Weekly Yummy Food: I made Orange-Glazed Pork Chops.  I thought they were good.  Michael didn’t care for them.  The glaze is dijon mustard, orange marmalade and mandarin oranges.  Not his thing I suppose, but I have enjoyed it many times.  I also made Oven-baked Shrimp Risotto.  This time Michael liked it too!

The Weekly Amazing Fact: What is know as a “French Kiss” in the English speaking world is known as an “English Kiss” in France.

The Weekly Birthdays: Eva, Nadia, Nick, Erica, Karen & Justin Happy Birthday my friends 🙂

The Weekly Activity: It wasn’t super exciting but we got up at 6AM to take friends to the airport.  (Okay, got up is wrong, I was still awake)  We ran a ton of errands after and accomplished quite a bit.  Of course then we came home and crashed HARD.

The Weekly Cringe-Worthy Television: Didn’t we already talk about American Idol?  The tryouts are just flat out painful to listen to!!

The Weekly new people I’ve found on Twitter: 511NY – They give traffic updates for the Capital Region.

The Weekly Hypothetical: If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what would we talk about? (other than how to get home….)

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