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This is what a guilty puppy looks like….
She just got caught sneaking some of my potato chips….

After she was scolded, she tried to hide her head in shame….

What does your pet do when they’re caught in the act?

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Exhibit A: The initial evidence

Last night Michael and I ran out for about half an hour to go to the grocery store to grab something quick for dinner.  When we came back I wandered out to the living room and I found the above piece of cellophane on the living room floor.  It has some print on it which was part of an ingredient list, but I couldn’t figure out what it came from.  I figured it was just something that got dropped and put it into the trash.

A few minutes later I walked back out into the living room and I discovered this:

Exhibit B: More Evidence

I went searching for the little one….  Does she look guilty to you?

My 1st witness....

Miss Isabella – did you climb up onto the couch and jump onto the coffee table to steal the fortune cookie that your Daddy didn’t eat 3 days ago when we had Chinese food for dinner?  (Naughty Daddy for leaving such tempting goodies where little a certain little doggy can get to them….)

Exhibit C: The fortune

“Yes Mommy” replied the little puppy.  At least she was smart enough not to eat the fortune.
“You could realize solid gains today.”


Little Miss Isabella is GUILTY as charged!!  Naughty girl!  Naughty Daddy!
Good thing she’s cute!!

What naughty shenanigans have your pets gotten into??

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Taking a snooze

This is Isabella taking a snooze on the day we met.
Back then she had floppy ears.
It makes me smile, but makes me sad too.
She’s grown up now.  Her ears stand up….
She still takes many naps and cuddles with me every chance she gets, but it’s not the same as when she was a little tiny puppy….
She’s snoozing away now as I type.
I might need to wake her up to play!


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Sometimes no matter how down or upset, or mad you are – all it takes are some of your best friends to make you feel better!! They make you laugh, they make you smile. It was contagious!

Isabella got her fix of chasing after her toys. Throw 5 toys and watch the WTF look on a puppy’s face! I LOVE it!!

Let’s keep it going.
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