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The Weekly Re-cap: News made me angry, I went to karaoke, we had a final countdown, we talked about FEAR, beautiful blue shoes and palm trees….

The Weekly Read: I miss reading…  maybe now that our taxes are finished I can enjoy a book!

Helen Hunt & Bill Paxton in Twister ~ 1996

The Weekly Movie: Twister

The Weekly Time Waster: Thinking it was a good idea to give Michael’s in Clifton Park ANOTHER chance.  Yet again – they failed miserably.  Why did I bother?  Back to JoAnn’s I go!!

Smirnoff Ice Triple Black #74

The Weekly Beverage: I’ve been wanting a Smirnoff Ice Triple Black #74.  Why don’t any bars seem to have it anymore?

The Weekly Food: A Harvest Quesadilla from Bentley’s Tavern

Frank Buckles at 16

The Weekly Amazing Fact: There are only 3 WWI veterans currently aliveClaude Choules, a veteran from the British Royal Navy; Florence Green, a British veteran from the Women’s Royal Air Force; and Frank Buckles, a US Army veteran. Buckles enlisted at the age of 16, and had to lie to recruiters in order to fight in the war.

Guy's Birthday Cake!

The Weekly Birthdays: Erin Tomson Haight, Tim Rivenburg, Matthew Parker, Lea Pastore, Wayne Boomer, Matt Rizzolo, and Nancy Hans.  And EXTRA SPECIAL birthday shout outs to Hannah Totman who turned 18 and Guy Rivers who turns 40 today!!  I hope you all had a wonderful birthday!!  Did you do anything special for your big day?

The Weekly No-Shit Headline: Larry King seeks 8th divorce”  At what point should he realize “Maybe I’m just not a good husband?”

Pink Scarf

The Weekly Craft: I’m going to crochet a pink scarf along with my friends Cute~Ella Is Bold, Kelly and Adrianna for a Relay for Life event.  They’re going to stitch them all together.  As of April 1st it was already 45 feet long!!!

The Weekly new people I’ve found on Twitter: Celtic Tours, Cafe-Teria, Boston Market, Frank Martin, Good Housekeeping, Everything Candy, Ballston Voice, and OMG Facts.

The Weekly Charity I’m Pimping: The Reese family (Mike & Tammy) and “Team Soft Spots” are marching for babies this year.  Go to http://www.marchforbabies.org/team/t1366950 to donate.

The Weekly Ride: No Destination rode to Ravenswood this week.  It was a nice place and I never knew it was there!

The Weekly Reminder:
NYS motorcycle registrations are due by April 30th!

The Weekly Cool Facebook Fan Page: I wish money would have sex in my pocket and multiply.

The Weekly Not-So-Hypothetical: I’ve been given a challenge to ride my bike by myself to the Finger Lakes in a month and a half.  What tips does anyone have for me to feel more comfortable riding on my own bike?

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Cue Europe’sThe Final Countdown

This Thursday is the dreaded April 15th – Tax Day is the official deadline for filing an individual tax return (or requesting an extension in the United States.  (Wikipedia states – “in most areas of the country”)  If you know what areas have a different due date, I’d be interested to know.  (I’m too tired to research it)

I’ve got my taxes pretty well finished with just a couple of questions outstanding that I hope to tie up over the next couple days so I can get them sent out.  I’m thinking this will be the first time in YEARS that I haven’t filed an extension.  I always have good intentions that “this year I will have my taxes done by Valentine’s Day.”  “I will get them done as soon as all the paperwork arrives.”  But the best of intentions never come to fruition….

I should start telling myself that if I get a refund I could reward myself with something if I get filed early, but even that doesn’t seem to work.  Last year I desperately needed money, and filing my taxes to get my refund was the last thing on my mind.  Silly and stupid, I know.  I gave the federal government a free loan until October.  You’re welcome.  Too bad I’m not getting a refund this year….

So, who’s racing around like a chicken with their head cut off to meet the filing deadline this year?

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